Training Journal

Hello, this is my training journal. I enjoy cycling, jogging and walking, riding horses, and swimming. 

September 14, 2020

New training challenge schedule through Halloween: 

It's a bit rigorous, but assumes we continue WFH through the Chuseok holiday. I am planning a three-and-half day cycling tour through the 2nd of October, and after the holiday will try to commute via bicycle (50K each way). Let's see how it goes! 

AH! So what are "420 Exercises" anyway? Well, I prefer pushups and situps to lifting weights at the gym so I came up with a simple routine for strength training at home that I call my 420 Exercises. I chose four simple workouts, do 20 reps of each (typically three times).  For this session I am doing push-ups, leg-lifts with a yoga ball, bell curls, and shoulder rolls (10 forward, 10 backward).