Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Horizon Worlds on a Healthy Path

Meta’s “social VR platform” Horizon Worlds hit the news over the weekend announcing 300k (10X growth) after 90days.

This is a good accomplishment… some context for why that is. On mobile the gold standard was (is?) 1M MAU after 90days. That’s a much lower penetration considering anyone with a pair of pants has a smartphone.

For perspective, assuming 70% of activations are in the USA and Canada (the only market where Horizon Worlds is publicly available), and the rumor 10M units sold is accurate, then Worlds has around 5% penetration to the TAM. Not bad… let’s see what happens.

Here is the Verge Article reporting on this:


A bigger question is how will this platform compete with RecRoom or VR Chat.

In particular, here is an article that discusses RecRoom as a benchmark. It has 1M MAU (available worldwide and on Steam) and supposedly “millions more” on non-VR platforms incl. Xbox.

Will Horizon Worlds become a cross-platform game? I think so, and - assuming it is fun and interesting- this will drive the MAU much higher as it expands the TAM to include mobile and online users.