Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Horizon Worlds on a Healthy Path

Meta’s “social VR platform” Horizon Worlds hit the news over the weekend announcing 300k (10X growth) after 90days.

This is a good accomplishment… some context for why that is. On mobile the gold standard was (is?) 1M MAU after 90days. That’s a much lower penetration considering anyone with a pair of pants has a smartphone.

For perspective, assuming 70% of activations are in the USA and Canada (the only market where Horizon Worlds is publicly available), and the rumor 10M units sold is accurate, then Worlds has around 5% penetration to the TAM. Not bad… let’s see what happens.

Here is the Verge Article reporting on this:


A bigger question is how will this platform compete with RecRoom or VR Chat.

In particular, here is an article that discusses RecRoom as a benchmark. It has 1M MAU (available worldwide and on Steam) and supposedly “millions more” on non-VR platforms incl. Xbox.

Will Horizon Worlds become a cross-platform game? I think so, and - assuming it is fun and interesting- this will drive the MAU much higher as it expands the TAM to include mobile and online users.

Friday, February 11, 2022

Beat Saber Queen - 2021


Beat Saber Queen in 2021 with AfreecaTV was a major milestone in building the VR Gaming ecosystem in Korea. We started that journey at the beginning of the year, and finally pulled it off with the help of our friends and Meta, Beat Games, Onestore, and of course our production partners AfreecaTV. 

This was the first program for Beat Saber in the world. I hope we can produce this program properly in 2022, let's see how it goes! Who knows, this could be the next "Masked Singer"? (For those who don't know it's a Korean program that was licensed to a US producer.) 

Check it out below on Koon's YT channel, skip to around 20min to see me play "Reason for Living" on Expert Plus. 

You can also check out the full program AfreecaTV: